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Visuals of Tom Hegedűs

I am a self-taught artist from Hungary based now in the UK. My mission is to create a world of fantasy and showing the beauties of this world through an artistic filter. I am a drawing addict but fan of painting as well.

Art was always a hobby for me what I am doing for my own entertainment and joy since my childhood. Back then I was influenced mainly by comic books and other art related with pop culture. Later I discovered the works of classical artists and with these bases I evolved my own style using all these influences.

My main mediums are markers and pastels nowadays, but I likely experiment with mixed medias and even styles as well. Subjects are mainly symbols or sceneries in a surreal fantasy or abstract forms resulting in a a medley of landscapes, technical drawings, simple lineart, art nouveau, impressionism, motion studies, oil paintings and pop art.

My biggest achievement is a ten meter long mule on a rolling paper picturing a wonder forest made with pastels.

I also studied animation drawing in Hungary’s famous film studio Pannonia so I like to make animations using my own art. I used to be a VJ and made live visuals by projecting my material on live music events.

Luckily I have an inexhaustible source of ideas and although creating was always more important for me than promoting and selling my art, I had some exhibitions in Hungary and before I moved to the UK, I made a successful campaign for selling a big number of pictures I gathered in the last couple of years.