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My name is Wojtek and I am an artist who filters reality through art.

I have started ENTITEE.UK to create visually captivating projects in various mediums in collaboration with other artists. From photo studio onto music stage my dream is to create stimulating experiences using various techniques.

The submited project is called VOID and it was designed and built on a photo set as installation consisted of lasers and UV lamps, dancers wearing masks and coats.

In the present times of despair we stare into the void and sky searching for answers and magic.


What mysterious cogs turn behind our ingrained mechanism of attraction? The primordial urge to explore could be our guide, but at what cost? We may use many currencies in the economy of exploration – we may cash in our perception of reality, our relationships or even our lives to attain new horizons, which may seem the ultimate price to some.

A voyeuristic voyage of otherworldly design directed by Wojtek.

Enter a state of suspended animation where liquid and air are as one. Beacon beings linger, beckoning with tendrils puppeteering our primordial urges. Enraptured, we pursue powerless toward the predators’ promise of a new fate. We meet our begging at the end… we become ENTITEE.




Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: one or more people and night

Image may contain: one or more people and night

Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: water

For better understanding of the project go to: http://www.entitee.uk/the-deep-trip-taking-a-dive-into-the-mind-of-wojtek-by-fletcher-stewart/

Art direction and post production: ENTITEE.UK (Instagram/Facebook @entitee.uk Twitter @entiteeuk)

Revealed soon.From inspirations onto shoot.Like our page ENTITEE.UK for the whole story.Thank you amazing team of people who entrusted that vision: Art direction and post production ENTITEE.UKMasks Wintercroft Masks Garments Hand Painted ClubPhotography Jan Masny-photographermake up Elizabeth Hsieh Lasers Laser Hire London Models Yvette Claudine Claireaux Ricardo CecílioStudio Plough Studios

Posted by ENTITEE.UK on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Photography: Jan Masny
Masks: Wintercroft Masks
Garments and mask painting: Hand Painted Club
Make up: Elizabeth Hsieh
Models: Yvette Claudine Claireaux, Ricardo Cecílio
Lasers: Laser Hire London