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wake up

The stile came from experience drawing tiny line one by one in a row; it dragged me into meditative state, that made a big influence on my work and creativity.

From that time until now I use my artwork not just to express myself, but as meditative practise as well. It requires time, concentration, patience and of course devotion. By drawing, at first sight, meaningless or abstract lines, in this way the mind “turns off”, thoughts what to draw disappear; it seems that brain stops, though ink pen is continue to create. This happens until I realise what is appearing in a picture and for that I continue to add details.

In my understanding its an artwork from subconsciousness or deep experience in life, that has a chance to materialise with ink on paper.

I learn from it and happy to have a mirror of myself where I can read exactly how I truly feel or what is hidden deep inside.

For my respected viewers I should add a base which is freedom of the mind, others call it spirituality. The theme connects all work shown here and impose to think deeper or not to at all :)
and surely you will see what you have to, but there is always moreme up hereme up here





dark goes while waking up

dark goes while waking up

learning to belearning to be strenghtstrenght sleeping when awakedsleeping when awaked
connectionconnectionwaking upwaking up


who sits? the frog or you? is there a difference?who sits? the frog or you? is there a difference?


every nonsense is meaningful, or?every nonsense is meaningful, or?

every nonsense is meaningful.detail.


the followers. who is following who?the followers. who is following who?

game of a man and a leopardgame of a man and a leopard three shadowsthree shadows

journey through lifejourney through life

portport seeing through bridled mayaseeing through bridled maya seeing through bridled maya. detail.

when I'm blind after downfall

when I’m blind after downfall

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