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Waldo Worx – Your favorite things reimagined

Raised in South Florida but influenced by my New York roots I find inspiration everywhere.

I could wander the MET for days, but just as easily get lost in the street art of Wynwood. It is my love for conflict and opposing mediums that drives my art. My mind is constantly filled with new ideas and new projects. I like to see things in new perspectives and capture moods and feelings. Art can be exciting, it can be thought provoking and enlightening. Every piece of my art is a reflection of some part of my past, my present, or my future. I think as an artist that’s what you try to do, is to put a piece of yourself into what you create. Perhaps then, that creation will exist long after me, and somewhere, someday, when someone comes across it they will say, “I feel this…” and in that moment I will return from wherever I am and exist in that place so long as someone is moved, by something I once did. See my full collection at www.WaldoWorx.com


“Lead, follow…”

“What should we do today?”

“Life squared”

“Chasing the white rabbit”

“Hold On”


“Dancing with the devil”