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Watercolor Illustration by Luqman Reza

Luqman Reza or better known to the world as ‘jongkie’ is an artist & illustrator from Kota Wisata Batu, Indonesia.

He has gained recognition and appreciation on social networking sites such as instagram for his unique style of expressive illustration which he does in watercolour. His unique style is exemplified as a result of him not merely replicating the reference picture he is using but adding his own imagination and signature style which he has named the ‘magic effect’.

Jongkie describes his work as “fantasy world”. This is evident through the concept, message and styles captured in each piece of work he produces. Jongkie says “I want to share my vision and inspiring people by illustration.”

Jongkie never imagined he would be able to turn his hobby and passion into a successful business. Yet, his dream became a reality when more and more people began noticing his work. He now works on a multi-global basis corresponding with different people world-wide as a result of the interest for his work. Prints of his artwork are also available on request. http://artjongkie.com/

Image of Astral

Image of Blue Tiger











Via http://artjongkie.com/   , boredpanda