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Watercolours & The Sea of Glass: Paintings in Oil

The “Watercolours” series is an exploration of circumstance and a declaration of love to color.

How does something formless and clear become so detailed and vibrant? It is “a sea of glass mingled with fire,” much like our souls, reflecting its depth and situation as an ever-moving mirror.

Painted with multiple layers of oil, the represented colors themselves take on the elusive nature of water, interacting with the ambient light to create an image that moves and relates. The realism challenges perception and becomes abstract through the magnification and absence of contextual information.

“The Sea of Glass” explores the concept of a “sea of glass mingled with fire” is more deeply. Concepts of transcendence, overcoming, growth, freedom and perseverance are given form through figurative subjects and elements of color, light and water. Reflected are both natural and emotional states, with our very own selves being the ever-moving mirrors of our soul.

Watercolours N°1: Into the Deep, the Deep Is Calling

Watercolours N°2: Chasing Rainbows

Watercolours N°3: Homeward BoundClose-up - Watercolours N°4: On Days Like These

Detail WC.4

My Joy Is The Joy Of You All

Luki Skates

A Threefold Cord

On the Brink of Becoming

Above the sea of glass I saw the color of amber and the man child glowing as if full of fire, brilliant light round about within