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Wearable Art by Sara Edge (based on art by David Sylvester)

My passion for making jewelry lies in working with metal. It has ties to the earth and natural elements that I find appealing.

I hand carve designs from recycled copper or brass sheets with a jeweler’s saw. Once I have refined the shape, I etch in details using a chemical reaction. I then use a mixture of metal inks and watercolors to paint the designs before sealing. I finish each pendant with unique chains and beads to complete the composition of wearable art jewelry. Each piece is a labor of love and truly one-of a kind.

Both artists (Sara Edge and Dave Sylvester) had their work featured at a gallery event in Studio 23.

Find Sara’s work on InstagramFacebookTumblr

Find Dave’s work on Behance and Flickr


Bunny Tick Necklace and Earrings small U Rock Selfie Stick_Happy Monster Pteranudie Necklace Pteranudie Octopus

Bunny Tick's Owner

Bunny Tick’s Owner

Jelly Cat Necklace In Progressd.