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WELCOME to NEOPHYTA – dystopian drawings by Mandy Puschmann

My name is Mandy and I‘m a german based artist, fashion illustrator and fashion designer.
In 2007 i decided to study fashion design at the FH Bielefeld/Germany because I‘m always obsessed and curious about the thousands faces of human being.
But the ideas and pictures in my mind needed more space than a textile could gave me.
That‘s the reason why i did my master degree in illustration and drawing.
Since the last two years i constantly work in black and white for the „Neophyten“ stories.
The most of my grafic works represent my vision of a future world who’s full of technologies. Loud as hell and at the same time so quiet and confusing that we lost any chance to get closer to us.
A society of optimization who always want to reach the edge and high of everything and lost the relation to everyone.

Welcome to the mask ball of life.

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my mind

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