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The art Transaction goes beyond just images or ideas, it increasingly begins to acquire a certain social and psychological context, based on the works of well-known therapists.10626597_697077677029754_3915441966227324019_n 10505122_666441100093412_4654138200913858732_o 11895011_867757269961793_9093526790741537945_o 11844928_867766016627585_8049798541402109745_o 10869422_754014281336093_7931971059745728684_o 11888522_867932729944247_8509326184975655560_o 10658694_932726370152108_8471490669678621643_o Leni_Smoragdova_Dollar 10847251_778788032192051_445582470741223880_o 6w9AstlTetM-1 313259-10137156-7-1 313259-10139821-7-1-1


History of Philosophy The Transaction
Autumn 2012, Amsterdam: Leni Smoragdova in her performance for the first time used the term “Transaction” in the form of a slogan:

“We are the children of war
The War is money,
The Money has no face
It is as simple as a transaction
We are the children of the war, we are the children without faces”

The most accurate description of this trend in art one can find in an Essay “Transaction”, written by artist Leni Smoragdova