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What A Memories!From Donald Duck to Mickey Mouse

Artist Andrew Tarasov seems to have a pretty good idea of how they might all appear as pensioners, drawing some of our favourites alongside the year of their creation so we can see exactly how old they really are. 10247243_1610644829209003_2301580746355113880_n 11138618_1610644835875669_4372025142346080364_n 11885070_1610644852542334_9218542476434816754_n 11933493_1610644842542335_3151786039138181367_n 11934977_1610644839209002_5580520977134351254_n 11953133_1610644825875670_9198222311620209395_n 11986357_1610644822542337_4116108821717654993_n 11988601_1610644832542336_7966064745565406238_n 11990613_1610644845875668_1855967633731473749_n

My name is Andrew Tarusov. Originally was born in Ribinsk, Russia, but after all I settled down in Los Angeles, California. My general ocupation after 10 years of studying is art and animation. Most of all I like vintage style Pin-Ups and comics. I am married and have two lovely dogs.

You can see more of Andrew’s work at his website and also on his Facebook page, or you can find out more about his work here.

Via (http://www.tarusov.com/) (http://metro.co.uk/)