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WHAT WEEE ARE – Sculptures








– Creatures of Technology –

Natural resources are increasingly scarce, our planet has been depleted. Conflicts are on the rise for the last grams of Coltan, Gold and Titanium to produce engines, computers, robots and phones for human society, which is on the brink of collapse. In this unsettling scenario, waste becomes a resource, scavengers build new cities on heaps of trash, feeding off the meager legacy of previous generations.

In time, seeds will sprout among the wasteland and nature will take back its share, man will reverse to small tribal societies striving for survival as hunter-gatherers. Yes, hunter-gatherers with cell phones, laptops and satellite internet connection; organized, efficient, highly educated and relatively peaceful. Hunting to control the population of animals living free in the restored wilderness, and gathering waste to be refurbished, recycled and regenerated into new devices.

As the Phoenix arose from its own ashes, will humanity also rise from its own waste?

This everlasting cosmogony is represented in WHAT WEEE ARE a collection of sculptures in which electronic waste is turned into disturbing insects, a means to deeper thoughts.

What was once our inseparable companion becomes a representation of the deeper questions regarding the balances between the planet, people and technology.

“I ask questions… I don’t have answers.” This is the artistic process through which this curious artist confronts life and the issues arising in our global society. The choices we make every day have broad effects, and questioning the most obscure details is part of this process towards the rise of new equilibriums. This is the concept of this body of work in which trash found on the streets is dismantled by hand and creatively reassembled in the shape of the most disturbing insects and animals.