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When it rained | Bruce Boyd Photography

When it rained | Bruce Boyd Photography.

When it rains is a compilation of photographic cityscapes,  by photographer Bruce Boyd, featuring the city of Cape Town before the drought. It explores the glistening dream world that comes to life when the daily urban rush is transformed by winter storms. Blurring the line between fantasy and reality, these works reflect the ebb and flow of the human energy that fuels the heart of the modern metropolis, while at the same time questioning its place in these cold, unflinching superstructures.
On a more personal level : I am fascinated by the flow of people in and out of the city, every day, even in the most adverse of conditions. On wet winter days, light reflect off pools and puddles, creating a beautiful blinding spectacle. The city vibrates frenetically while people soldier on regardless, in order to survive.

When it rained | Bruce Boyd Photography

I am a commercial photographer based in Cape Town. I currently specialise in furniture and kids fashion and also spend a lot of time on my art projects.  I am known (by some) for my work with the wild horses of Botriver and by others for my frozen flowers project. I am currently busy with my Rainy Days Cape Town project.



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