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When the Lake freezes over



I use photography as a journey, an exploration, and a visual perception. But above all, through the lens, I make an emotional connection with nature, people, my surroundings, and even inanimate ‘things’.

My choice of subject is intuitive and often impulsive. When my mind is open I can see beauty in the mundane, the uncommon in the common, and the extraordinary in the ordinary,

I try to take photographs that call attention to things that other people overlook; my goal is to share my ‘eye’ and to show how everything we take for granted can actually become exceptional, which elevates the spirit, emotion, and thought.

Ducks at the ramp flash freeze 2Rainy day on the iceflash freeze 1safety firstflash freezePressure cracksPack iceBlack iceCalm dayBlue iceWhen the sun goes down