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Where the dreams have names with Dana Stefania Apostol paintings

Where the dreams have names with Dana Stefania Apostol paintings.

Dana Stefania Apostol paintings are telling us stories about lost memories from another existence, it is about mysticism, fantasy and coexistence. The paintings are letting us travel through those curved worlds, where anything can be possible. It is that door, left open to us to fly. Dana Stefania Apostol’s art is a calling for the spirit, nature, purity, instinctual beauty and eroticism. It makes the connection with the vibrancy of nature and its offerings, the vibrancy of passion and push the viewer searching his inner soul, feeling lost in a paradox between innocence and sexuality.

https://www.facebook.com/dana.stefania.apostol/  |  https://apostoldanastefania.blogspot.ro


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