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Which movie are you from?


Movies influence on the culture of modern society and define our relations.

I allowed my friends to recognize their favorite roles from movies and together we reconstructed the famous movie posters or famous movie scene. I hope it will interesting for you to try to recognize all these movies. There is a lot job here for organization all these photosession made costumes and make-up and after all a lot job in photoshop. Here is all 29 photography but if you want you can choice few the best.Movie-27 Movie-26 Movie-25 Movie-24 Movie-23 Movie-22 Movie-21 Movie-20 Movie-19 Movie-18 Movie-17 Movie-16 Movie-15 Movie-14 Movie-13 Movie-12 Movie-11 Movie-10 Movie-9 Movie-8 Movie-7 Movie-6 Movie-5 Movie-4 Movie-3 Movie-2
After all, I even made exhibition and party if you want to see a bit of atmosphere. https://youtu.be/oCuVeFgn5KM