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Which side are you on?

Painting vs Digital by Dex Hannon of the Broken Toy Company

My two new works begin with the painting….

If we forget our past we cannot understand our past - Dex Hannon

Painting by Dex Hannon

The Painting
If we forget our Past we cannot understand our Future
I created the painting to reflect how our past, or journey creates the person we are. We shouldn’t forget what made us the person we are today. Using abstracted, blurring bold colours to represent the past divided into two parts what we know and what we think we remember. Then overlaying the stark geometry and flat solid colours to represent who we are now. The colours used are the same colours that are merged together to create the background.

What we are now is made up of the past.

the future has no place in the past

Digital Remix by Dex Hannon

The Digital Remix
The Future has no place in the Past
The Digital Remix was created by photographing the painting throughout its creation. These were then stripped to the bones and reconstructed digitally. With the digital remixes I work in one of three ways;

  1. Turn the original painting’s concept on it head.
  2. Use only the bones and shapes in the painting to create something completely unconnected.
  3. Enhance the original paintings meaning.

I wanted to change the meaning of the original painting but still keep the title deceptively close. To turn it on it’s head. If we want the future we must let go of the past. Obliterate it. Start again. Forget the past.

The two pieces work together as an argument, we are constantly meeting problems with more than one solution, there is never only one option. The painting, created in an historic medium argues for a recognition of the past, whilst the digital work has a more nihilist approach, forget the past and look to the future.

So which side are you on? 

Painting vs Digital