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Wildlife Art by Rowan Hunkin


Rowan Hunkin is a fine artist that produces high quality photorealistic drawings.

My Name is Rowan Hunkin and I am a part-time Artist (full-time Golf Professional) who lives in the south of Austria. I am originally from South Africa. I was born there and lived in SA for the first 26 years of my life. You will definitely see a lot of my roots in my art. I tend to favour drawing african wildlife. I have always been fond of the outdoors and nature and I want to pass on this affection through my art.

I work in coloured and graphite pencils and strive for a realistic and detailed portrayal.

indlovukazi Ebabawayo Submerged African Bush Scene Tigers Guided Striped Marching in Unity Heavenly Gazehttp://www.rowanhunkin.com/