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Winerelle Wine Paintings

Once painted, Wine paintings are special and most intriguing because fermentation and oxidation continue the artwork which is seen through a slight colour transition from red and purple towards sepia hues.

It is also known as “aging”. This results in limited but beautiful range of colours no other pigment could imitate. The finer the wine, the richer the colour. Winerelle is a painting made entirely of different wine types and grape variety: Black, Red, White and Rosé wine. It looks similar to watercolours and is made with layers of balanced brush strokes. It’s biggest difficulty is that eventual mistakes can’t be corrected – it requires patience and a steady hand. Origin of this technique is estimated to be during the Renaissance art period. Presented paintings are result of reviving this old art technique through modern motives.Ballerina study Cheers to Cersei Chinese dragon Game of Wine, Tyrion Geisha Gustav Klimt, Judith I Gustav Klimt, Medicine Gustav Klimt, Pallade Atena Interstellar 2014 Johannes Vermeer,The Lacemaker kalesi Kitagawa Utamaro I Kitagawa Utamaro II Leonardo da Vinci, Lady with an Ermine Marilyn Monroe Portrait of a Roman lady Roman Emperor Lucius Verus The great wave of KanagaWine Utagawa Hiroshige Wine queen Winelisa Winescape, Boat on River