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Wire roses

Wire roses.

Three flowers bloom together with sheer strength that has no end
Deep bronze meets earthy copper in a richly soothing blend
Bright silversoars above with grace, luxurious and warm
Captivate your senses with happiness in floral form…Wire roses made of sterling silver, bronze, and copper through different weaving techniques. These incredible blooms reflect beauty, grace, and elegancy. Roses are a symbol of love, romance, and gratitude. This metallic bouquet will forever delight the eye.

Gemlotis is a jewelry studio that promises to impress and satisfy customers with inspirational high-end jewelry, lovingly crafted with care. No two products are alike—this is an exclusive outlet for distinctive elegance.
Studio Mission: Gemlotis seeks to create exceptional jewelry, provide outstanding customer service, and promote nonviolence and equal opportunities for women and children worldwide.

Metallic bouquet


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Posted by Gemlotis on Wednesday, September 19, 2018