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The wonderful world of Christian Beijer

I was born in Sweden 1962, and before I started to paint I was a clothes designer for 10 years. Also I´ve been touring with rock bands as a light engineer.

I´ve been doing this for 25 years now, and in the beginning the media called it pop art, because there was no other good references, as I was more or less alone in the genre. The recent years they´ve noticed I´ve got more in common with street artists.

I started to paint in Bahia Brazil 1989, and I had my first exhibition 1991. I´ve been sold out ever since. Yes, I´ve sold everything I´ve done, and I am amongst few in Sweden who has done that. I love my job, and nothing can take me away from the brushes. I spend my days and  nights in the studio, listening to music, mostly reggae, and giving myself color therapy. Every year I go back to Brazil to paint, murals and other, having exhibitions and getting back the color energy for my soul.

I don´t really think about art, I just love to paint, and frankly I don´t give damn as long as I can play with my brushes, so people liking and buying is such a great bonus.

Christian Beijer