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Wood Art and Painting by Hervé Brisepierre

His element is wood-this piece he works on that evokes the tree’s life,the very fibre that describes the turn of the wind,the sun,rain and the density of the seasons; the passing incidents of hollowing out and moulding of the trunk.

Hervé Brisepierre like to say that he does notwork wood “the wood works me, I am its vehicle, I encrust myself in its wounds”.

A plank of wood is abundant with transparency, the moiré effect in the tanin, the flux of sap that has made its way. Hervé Brisepierre has sculpted a lot and now returns to the source. He quite simply works on a plank and follows the lines; its exuberance to inlay precious stone,metal,gold leaf,extotic woods and many other materials.It is an involvement with a whole other kind of art,this artist  tries to reveal the hidden secrets and faults of wood,those that tell a tale, a journey.

Far from working to level out and planing the wood, Hervé Brisepierre transforms and sets the remains of the past with sensitivity-the inlay is associated and works with the strange past each plank reveals whilst it is being worked with.

The spectator of this involved process can lose himself through following each of the details that the artist has worked with, merely by standing in front of each unique piece and looking.

Hervé Brisepierre’s imagination is let loose and is also overcome by the alchemy.

Oeuf Etnique Carré Ethnique - Elm Wood - 60x59x6,5 cm Oethnique boulecosmic copie expoo Oliveraies2 Boule Cosmique - Poplar - Ø33 cm Arbre de Klimt - Poplar Burl - 30x30x5 cm Detail Inlay - Lemon treebriz7briz12