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Wood Sculptures that greate an illusion of reality by Jacques Vesery

“Une Triade de Mon Moi Intérieur”a triad of my inner self.

“Une Triade de Mon Moi Intérieur”
a triad of my inner self

Jacques Vesery is an Artist/ Sculptor from Damariscotta and has lived in Maine for over 25 years. Striving to create an illusion of reality, his vision and inspiration begins with repetitive patterns derived from the ‘golden mean’ or ‘divine proportions’. The marriage of pattern, form and proportion conveys a sense of growth from within each of his pieces.

“Hot Tea With a Tan”

His work is in numerous public and private collections including the Detroit Institute of Art, the Contemporary Art Museum of Honolulu, Yale University Art Gallery, Peabody-Essex Museum and The Carnegie Museum. He is a Maine Arts Commission Fellow for 2000 and received the title of “Master Craft Artist” and lifetime membership from the Maine Crafts Association in 2011.

“Junkyard Dog Ball”

Jacques has lectured on design and concepts within his work in France, Italy, Turkey, China, England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Nepal, Cambodia and 28 US states at such locations as Journees Mondiales du Tournage D’art Sur Bois Congres, The Escoulen School, Arrowmont, Anderson Ranch, `Aha Hana Lima- Hawaii and Haystack Mt. School.

“Whisper Around the Wind”

He has participated in many collaborative art projects around the world and has been the lead artist for two such events, “The Kopru Project” in Eskisehir, Turkey in 2015 and “Brick by Brick” in Nepal in 2016. Jacques recently taught “Collaboration” at Harvard University in a class titled “Creating Things that Matter” for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences for two semesters as well.

“La Danse de la Mer et le Ciel de Nuit”
The Dance of the Sea and the Night Sky

His work has been included in over 30 publications including ”100 Artists of New England” released in the spring of 2011. Other books include ‘Scratching the Surface’, ‘Wood Art Today’, ‘Natured Transformed’ and ‘New Masters of Woodturning’.

“Sea of Entwined Dreams “

“L’ecoulement du Ciel Vers La Mer”
the flow of sky to sea

“The Enigma From Within”

“Volez Mes Bleus Partis”
fly my blues away
“A Celadon Sky Dream”






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