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“In and Out of Woods” by French fine art photographer Amélie Berton

Amélie Berton

The series “In and Out of Woods”, by French photographer Amélie Berton, is an invitation to a walk into our feelings. Going deeper and deeper into the woods we discover ourselves released from constraints, we can focus on the beauty hidden in simple moments and emotions.

In our fast pace society we forget to listen to our feelings and emotions. Too busy to organize our lives we disregard the essential, ourselves.

The forest becomes a place to meditate, to escape from time pressure, to grant us the peace that will lead us to this inner journey.

The woods lives at its own rhythm, its breath and its heartbeats in harmony with the flow of our thoughts.

Out of the beaten tracks we meet strange characters who will initiate us to the contemplation.

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 finding balance by Amelie Berton

amelie berton- my sweet demantia

amelie berton- no fear of falling

amelie berton- the fresh wound of a nightmare

amelie berton-after the battle, getting strength from nature

amelie berton-by my side


amelie berton-concert for nature

amelie berton-deeper into the woods

amelie berton-growing in silence

amelie berton-in and out of woods

amelie berton-maestena, mother of the forest

amelie berton-photosynthesis

amelie berton-praying for mother nature

amelie berton-setting the record straight

amelie berton-starring at you

amelie berton-the autumn leaves

amelie berton-the dancer and the peeping tom


the sound of jazz by Amélie Berton

winds of freedom by Amelie Berton

the fresh wound of a nightmare