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World Biggest Painting of Lord Krishna


The World’s Highest Mural Painting

It is an honor for us to have a privilege to introduce you at ‘Varnonnmeelanam’ – Auction of The world highest painting in mural style on canvas. Mr. Sarans Guruvayoor, who has been creating unique ideas in the field of mural painting, is not a stranger to the art world. It is a fact that, among all the art forms, painting stands at the top, and in paintings, murals got the prime importance in India since ancient times. The present generation finding it hard to digest this most important art form. At this juncture, Sarans, who himself is from the same generation, came up with some novel ideas to rejuvenate and nurture this vulnerable art by taking this to the diverse world and to different terrains. The idea of drawing the largest mural painting in the world on canvas with the dimension of 2006 square feet is, quite naturally one among them. By doing this he was trying to reimaging the way we see art, especially the temple art. The young prodigy started this Himalayan task irrespective of several constrains he faced on the way.


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World Biggest Painting of Lord Krishna




This is the world’s Biggest Painting of lord Krishna.This have 60 feet height and 34 feet width.it used acrylic

paint and it done in canvas.