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The world of Giovanni Cecchini

Giovanni Cecchini was born in 1986 in Cecina in the province of Livorno, where he lives and works.

Here continues its research in the field of painting dreamlike – fantastic addition to exhibiting his works.

The world of John Cecchini is fanciful, dreamlike and crowded with emotions.
Cecchini uses a painting technique traditional and decidedly figurative, all the works are united by a strong symbolism accentuated by the use of color
and they reflect the events of real life then reworked in the imagination of the painter.
Reality and dream for the artist living in our inner world as good and evil coexist in the most intimate part of each of us,
ready to emerge from the lesser-known areas of our psyche in different situations, whereas nature is sometimes seen as a participant in a positive way, others in the negative, but never indifferent to human events.

In March 2015 opened a permanent exhibition entitled “In the study of the psychologist” in collaboration with Dr. Psychologist Gerry Grassi on the world of psychology and its disorders.

the pole star - 40x30 - mixed technique on board

the pole star – 40×30 – mixed technique on board

the whale migration - 40x30 - mixed technique on board

the whale migration – 40×30 – mixed technique on board

insomnia - 60x40 - mixed technique on canvas

insomnia – 60×40 – mixed technique on canvas

the seer - 40x30 - mixed technique on board

the seer – 40×30 – mixed technique on board

Apollo's whale - 22x23 - mixed technique on paper

Apollo’s whale – 22×23 – mixed technique on paper

ex voto - mixed tecnique - 40x30

ex voto – mixed tecnique – 40×30