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My world in ink & coffee

My world in ink & coffee

I am a Russian Jordanian visual artist, illustrator and architect. My work is a visual diary, my everyday thoughts, observations and celebrations of what surrounds me. Inspired by the cities I’ve been to and the ones I dream about. I paint emotions, people and dance… lots of dance. I enjoy mixing different mediums for my painting and fashion illustration, all the way from Inks, watercolors and acrylics to my morning coffee.

Randa Haddadin, born in Russia, 1985, is an architect and a growing self-taught visual artist, best known for her coffee art. Living and working in Jordan.

In this series, she’s mixing coffee with ink and pencil, to portray what captures her eyes and heart, from the stillness of surrounding faces, to the elegance of ballerinas’ movements, to the urban city views that hold all that within.

You can see more on her website ,  

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