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Worldwide Phenomenon of Love Locks


 Worldwide Phenomenon of Love Locks

Institut de France and love padlocks in November 2014

Cologne Cathedral Love Locks

Castle of love, love padlocks in front of Neuschwanstein castle

Hohenzollernbrucke in Cologne

Love padlocks in Celle, Germany

Liverpool Love Locks

Love padlocks in Ottawa, Canada

Locked love Padlock on bridge in Cuenca, Spain

Love locks - place for lovers

Bridge of Love in Serbia

Bridge of Love in Helsinki Finland

Locks of Love in Seoul

Love lock in Adelaide Australia

Love locks on Butchers Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia


Dreamcatcher of love

Love Padlocks on Karluv Bridge, Prague

Love lock by the sea in Spain

Big Lock, Canfield Fair, Canfield, Ohio

Love locks on Salzburg bridge in Austria

Padlocks and sign at the N Seoul Tower

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