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“Wozu” means “what for” in the German language.This story is about ‘collision’.Project “Wozu” originated in the bizarre and mystic image of myself reflected in the water.

The water in this project represents a death of the physical body, and at the same time, of the soul driven to despair.My own imaginary water has been created through digital process to express the redefined image beyond the stereotypical waterand its reflection which we encounter in our daily life.The strange reflection in the water represents the weak and defective spirit of human being.

The reflection of another me in the water shows the states of inner collision among the scared egos which want to look away the truth but still say various voices in silent.

The peaceful but violent attribute of water is very similar with that of human being, the author articulates the collision between egos through the mix of water and human body.

We live in such a chaos.The incessant questions derived from chaos might be the reason or signification of our existence.

We, the defective human beings, live by floating the world of chaos.These sentences written right after sudden awaken from sleep, opened the starting point of my work.I reflected myself in water and there was a stranger.

I wish he disappeared tomorrow


Wozu01-Fear Wozu02_Greed Wozu03- Desire Wozu05_Contradiction Wozu06_Fury Wozu07_Wailing Wall Wozu15-Arrogance Wozu13-Original Sin Wozu10-The Bottom of Conciousness Wozu11_Penitence Wozu12-Redemption

Photographer ,1973 Born in Daejeon, South Korea.
Lives and art works in seoul, South korea
Dongwook Lee has had critical success in both the commercial and fine art world.
Lots of exhibitions include springmastersny(2015
), Korea International Art Fair(Kiaf)(2009).
Awarded IPA (International Photography Awards) 3rd Place Winner,USA,(2014),Hariban Award Finalist, Japan,(2014),DAMprize-Contemporary Art Contest- Finalist, Milan, Italy(2014),HP(Hewlett-Packard) Turn-on Digital Award Grand Prize,(2007)
He also take photographs for a lot of magazine(bazaar,GQ,Marie claire,Elle,etc), advertisemement(Nike,Reebok,Calvin klein,Samsung,Lg,Levi’s,etc) and film poster.www.dongwooklee.net