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Xavier de Richemont, french video painter

Xavier de Richemont, french video painter.

Xavier de Richemont  is a french painter born in 1959 in Algeria.

He has conceived for 20 years multiple monumental video installations all around the world. In 2002 he creates the first Festival of Lights in Chartres (France) where he will be the only artist and artistic director during 10 years. In 2010 he is invited by the Mexican government to commemorate with his work the bicentenary of Independence and the centenary of the Mexican Revolution in 7 emblematic cities in the country.

He signs in 2012 the grand opening of the Grand Museum of Maya World in Merida Yucatan (Mexico) with a founder work « Yuca’ma’yab » about the mayas history. In 2014 Xavier de Richemont creates a major work on the American soil with showing for the next decade his “San Antonio- The Saga” a 24 minutes video masterpiece composed for the oldest catholic cathedral in the USA (San Antonio, Texas). He designed in 2015 a major monumental work for the King of Morocco in the City of Marrakech.

Xavier de Richemont contributed to many International Light Festivals and was invited to many Contemporary Video Art exhibitions in the United States, Canada or Germany, particulary within the framework of European Capitals of Culture.

One can currently see his works in France, in Spain, in the United States or in Mexico.

Meaning is major in his work. His very personal style, his talent into giving amazing content to his works, his lyrical graphic design and shivering movements, using slow motion and images vibrations as a leitmotiv on lines and colors, mixing abstraction and figures, narration and music in a very special way are composed and projected with video. His research for a new style of painting

through this contemporary graphical tool, his knowledge of theatrical space and his experience as a painter make him one of the most in demand french video artist in the World.

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