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XIAN: Myths of the Beauties

Xian: Myths of the Beauties, the latest photography series created by fine art photographer Viet Ha Tran. This series was inspired by the Four Great Beauties of ancient China who changed the history of the four different dynasties in ancient times: Diao Chan, Yang Guifei, Wang Zhaojun, and Xishi. They were renowned for their unparalleled beauty, which they used to exercise influence over kings and warriors.

The project features Viet Ha’s collaboration with a very talented team including international stylist Edith Chan, and Miss World Supermodel 2010 Maya Murofushi who is also the winner of the best actress award at the 37th International Festival of Cinema in Florence in 2015 for her role in an Italian film.

Viet Ha Tran is a Vietnam-born and Spain-based fine art photographer known for her emotionally dense and endlessly compelling photographs of women. Her art emphasizes fantasy and imagination as a source of aesthetic experience.

Her artworks have been featured in over 70 international periodicals including Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair France, Vietnam News, Vietnam BusinessWoman, Widewalls, Aesthetica Magazine, FG Magazine, and Visual Artistry Magazine. She was the semi-finalist in the Spanish National Digital Photography Contest in September 2013, and won Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards 2013. She photographed for Vogue Talents Shooting in April 2014. In 2014, she participated in the digital exhibition at Saatchi Gallery London and in the Brighton Photo Biennial. In May 2015, through her gallery My Web Art, her award-winning photograph The Lotus Lake was auctioned by Christie’s Hong Kong for charity and reached the highest bid of the night. Most recently, Viet Ha was featured as Artist of the Day on Saatchi Art and her works have been included in multiple collections by Saatchi’s Chief Curator.



Xian: Myths of the Beauties: Diao Chan I

Xian: Myths of the Beauties: Diao Chan II

Xian: Myths of the Beauties, Wang Zhaojun
Xian: Myths of the Beauties, Yang Guifei II
Xian: Myths of the Beauties, Yang Guifei I
Xian: Myths of the Beauties, Xishi