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Yoga Art by Lou. W. Art

Yoga Art by Lou. W. Art.

Lou.W. creates works inspired by the beauty of yoga visualised through the human form, spirituality and dramatic colour.
The collection is a documented journey through my own personal discovery through yoga and many works are based on photographs from Jim Campbell of OmLight Photography.

There are three things in this life I’m truly passionate about; Art, Yoga, and Dogs.

I was told early on in life that none of these things were viable career choices and so I put them to the back of my mind and pursued a career in science.  I like science, I really do but after a decade of test tubes and Standard Operating Procedures I was craving a lifestyle that allowed my creative side to shine.
On a seemingly unrelated note, hunching over a microscope all day did nothing for my posture, I was beginning to take on the appearance of a hunch-backed old lady at the age of 30!  I was also suffering from chronic stiffness and migraines and I knew I had to do something.  So I did yoga and it changed me.  It helped me immensely with my physical ailments but more than that, I started to listen to myself, to how I was feeling and what I really needed.  I needed to draw, not to make a living, not to impress anyone, I needed to draw because I love to draw.  Simples.

And draw I did, I made a name for myself drawing pet portraits.  I mean what could be better than looking at cute pictures of other peoples dogs and drawing them to the rapturous responses of happy tears and emotional hugs?!
But still, something was missing and the realisation came when I was looking for that perfect piece of art to hang in the room I practice my yoga in at home.  All I could find were generic pictures of piles of stones or still waters, the kinds of things you see in beauty spas, or gaudy chakra diagrams and motivational quotes.
I wanted something beautiful, elegant and eye-catching and I couldn’t find it!  If yoga has taught me anything its that whatever I need I can find the answer within me!
I took a set of photos of my hands in various mudras and went about drawing them, I was so proud of them that I got some prints made and put them up for sale.  This is where my ever expanding collection of Yoga Inspired Art began and I’ve no intention of stopping.

Yoga Art,Yoga Art by Lou. W. Art

A selection of chakras on handmade Nepalese paper

Yoga Art by Lou. W. ArtYoga Art,Yoga Art by Lou. W. Art


Yoga Art Yoga Art

Yoga Art

Yoga Art  Yoga Art





















Yoga Art