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Yoga Poses, Stuardust Rain

From the on-going yoga series. 2016 – Selection of the first watercolor paintins made for the yoga series, featuring the practice that is helping me out to connect deeper with my inner self and the universe, making me feel lighter and think clearer.
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My work resides in the visual embodiment of the “unveiled” in the various journeys throughout my own psyche and the cosmos. These creations nurture in developing meticulous atmospheres incarnating the quintessential energy present in every living organism. I explore the various meeting points among the development of human intellect and its direct repercussion in the universe. The astounding way in which every single living organism forms a whole universe in scale is the irrevocable force that entails my body of work.

My family comes from the jungles in Peru, where sacred plants intertwine the human self-reflection and everyday choices. As a result I develop a particular interest for rituals and ancestral wisdoms because of their impact in connecting the human experience with the universe’s path, adapted to our society nowadays.

Even though nothing is quite categorical, symmetry and repetitions in my work lead to a meditative trip; characteristic for its crossroads between equilibrium and chaos, vacuum and overflowing atmospheres. Comparing the sizes of micro and macro ecospheres, I discover different means to evoke from spatial events to micro movements. The usage of pointillism, repetition, metallic appearances and serendipity guide my expedition towards creating my own galaxy.