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Your truth

I´m a fine art photographer from Guayaquil, Ecuador

I have always been very much inspired by telling stories of details in our lives, psychology of people and always inspired by all that is around me like nature, movies and books. I love to capture emotions and express it in a dreamy and magical way with colors and contrast. Capture life and show others many stories is something that makes me feel excited.

This series is inspired in nature and our union with it, and how we express our feeling and sometimes we keep it inside. This series began in a travel to Cajas in Cuenca Ecuador were I found some branches, I keep it because they were going to make fire. The curious thing about this is that I never saw a little flower, and just after three days I notice this little white flower, in the photo session .

Model: Sara Bazurto
Assistant: Will Escalante
Hairstyle: Belen Valdivieso




Part of me




It's in your eyes, it is the river that moves, is the sea breeze, but in the end it all, life is just one