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Zadok Ben-David |Sculpture

Zadok Ben-David is a London based, award winning Artist.

Zadok Ben-David was born in Bayhan, Yemen in 1949 and immigrated to Israel in the same year. He graduated in advanced sculpture from St. Martin’s School of Art in London and taught at the same institution from 1977-1982.

In 2010, Ben-David’s solo show “Human Nature” at the Tel Aviv Museum in Israel, created history as it had achieved record-breaking attendance in the history of the museum when it ended in February 2010. His works feature in the collections of important public and private institutions in Europe, East Asia, United States, Israel and Australia.

Celine with Shadow is drawn by solid outlines of a human body made of tree branches, questions the division between the inner landscape of a man and his external surrounding. The branches also propose their existence as pulsating veins, together creating something larger than them selves, adding a silhouette of its own shadow creates a greater illusion to this ambiguous piece.

Via : http://zadokbendavid.com/

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